Seasons Greetings!

It's here again, this time of year, when the sun stands still, then turns and beings to grow. As should we, his/her children... Deck the Halls the Solstice is here! Gladsome cheer to one and all!


Midwinter at Maeshowe, Orkney.

The Ancients built Maeshowe burial chamber to align with the Midwinter Solstice Sun Set in the Stone age ~ the exact reason why they did this has been lost, but we can imagine the reason, and it's clear to see that it has a great deal to do with the Solstice when the sun is … Continue reading Midwinter at Maeshowe, Orkney.

Just a thought…

I'm thinking about the energies of Yule/Christmas... as an Ancient Pagan festival, far older than Christmas, do the Christians and Muggles who celebrate Christmas realise this? Do they, inadvertently, tap into these energies? The feasting, dressing of the tree and house, the celebration etc are after all, the more Pagan traditions of the festive season. As … Continue reading Just a thought…