Llangar Church: Garw-Wen.

  I was there, watching, the day the men raised the first stone. Dismayed, I turned away - I heard Tum-Tup, same as you, mutter under his breath, so was it any wonder what happened, happened. We were there that second morning too, watching the disbelief on their faces. Did you see Tum-Tups face?  The, … Continue reading Llangar Church: Garw-Wen.

Llangar Church: Through the Lytchgate.

Drunken steps, from a head reeling with whispers from beyond, a hand reaches out... to stead, to earth, to ground the self. Cold stone.   Present in the moment. Here. Look up. Look around. Cast the bird seed with words from the heart and soul, spoken; instantly forgotten, yet always remembered. The Bonnets and hats … Continue reading Llangar Church: Through the Lytchgate.

All Saints Church, Llangar.

Soft, the footfall down the old track, steep, deep, hidden from modernity. Here hazel is tall, reaching skyward to touch the sunlight; the blackthorn and berry grow side by side. Ash shivers in the breeze, while tresses of honeysuckle entwine her. Time. Stands still. Water, softly chatters over stones. Flowing towards the river, unseen, further down the … Continue reading All Saints Church, Llangar.