Overleigh Old Cemetery, Chester.

On a warm sunny summers day I took a walk with the dead of the city - the air was warm and the graves well packed in, some with hardly a space between them. It was strange walking around with all the head stones pointing away from me... tall and small, they spoke of the [...]


St Trillo’s Chapel

Down by the sea, tucked away alongside the road is the most beautiful little chapel; one I have known since childhood. St Trillo's is a 6th century Chapel built over a pre-Christian spring, in fact the altar sits right over the well, which is still full of Holy water, dedicated to St Trillo and St Elidan. [...]

The Stone that was stolen.

Down a lane, behind a high hedge, you'd hardly notice it if you drove past... Over the Horseshoe pass, down to the roundabout, along the Ruthin road and second turning on the left, past a static caravan (if it's still there) and to the right in the hedge is where you'll find it. ...this unassuming [...]