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A Thousand Screaming Spirits…

Newly revised and edited, I have added a poem by Tim Miller (with permission thank you Tim 🙂 ) – do chase down his sites via the links given; I highly recommend his works – he captures the essence of the Cuween perfectly.

Cymraes's Corner

Cuween Chambered Cairn

by Tim Miller.

I should go on my hands and knees to you,
you farmers from five thousand years ago.
Even though your skulls are no longer here
or the small skulls of your two dozen dogs,
in retrospect I realize how wise
I was, dipping in and out of your dark
—the familiar main chamber and three rooms—
to never pause in all my picture-taking
to never stop and extinguish the light
to have found you at the end of the day,
so that we were tired and a bit rushed.
Something like the terror at what went on here
would have overwhelmed me in the moment,
the seriousness of generations
which I only became aware of later:
like an ancient fireplace still smudged with smoke,
our shoulders were soiled from the gloom on your hands.

Off the northern edge of the Scottish coast, lies…

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Stalking and Harassment 2016 – III: The Daily Cackle.

I am reminded, that in this thing, I am not alone - other's have suffered under the evil eye of this woman too. As evidence of this, I give to the world, SCs from the Daily Cackle page, which at the time of writing was still 'live' published to the public view on Facebook  It … Continue reading Stalking and Harassment 2016 – III: The Daily Cackle.