Of the cave.

The mists cleared, and the damp warmth they'd surrounded her with, went also, leaving a clear star lit sky, and the promise of frost perhaps, later in the night. She walked on, searching... her long dress, caressing her bare feet as she walked on the dusty ground, aware now, that the sound of running water … Continue reading Of the cave.



    Here's an update of whats been going on in my corner of the world lately. Most important, Llangar Church has been re-visited! This time the Church was open and the delightful interior explored. Expect a blog post or two soon. Summer has turned to Autumn and new projects begun, and old one's finished. … Continue reading Shorts.

The Internet never forgets! Really, it doesn’t!

It came to my attention certain material had been removed; a link I had provided in a recent post had ceased to work - taking with it the evidence needed to support certain claims. These claims, were that as Rochelle Moore, Siobhan Moore Whelan had never used MySpace. This in a vain attempt to obfuscate … Continue reading The Internet never forgets! Really, it doesn’t!