Awesome Humpback

Amazing – truly an amazing experience! I so enjoyed the photos and videos – the climate change crisis has us all twitching but when something like this happens its magical! Truly magical and part of me now wants to pack up and head ‘doon sooth’ as fast as I can!

The Lone Kayaker

It’s Seawatch National Whale and Dolphin Watch this week, and I was keen to match, or improve upon,  my last year’s total of 96 (80 Common Dolphins and 16 Porpoises).

Two days of windless conditions were forecast so I was well fired-up for a couple of big offshore trips. Early starts, of course, early is always better.

20190801_073920 Veryan Bay

On the first day I paddled 22 miles round Veryan and Gerrans bay to the east of the Roseland peninsular. Normally I would have been thrilled with the forty porpoises I saw, with a lot more heard puffing but not seen, but when I practically leapt out of my kayak seat as a whale surfaced and breathed behind me, but I never actually saw it, I was a little deflated.

P1340708 Veryan Bay Porpoises

At least I had the consolation of my first Ocean Sunfish of the year…..

and a reluctant to…

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Of the cave.

The mists cleared, and the damp warmth they'd surrounded her with, went also, leaving a clear star lit sky, and the promise of frost perhaps, later in the night. She walked on, searching... her long dress, caressing her bare feet as she walked on the dusty ground, aware now, that the sound of running water … Continue reading Of the cave.