Shopping with Shh… you-know-who!

In the sleepy land of Avalon, when the mists lie on the slumbering land, three witches meet in that liminal place, where the mundane and the magical marry so well. Under the dark of night, their minds on cursing, they gather to discuss one who, with her mad drunken rages, abusive bullying and crazy stalking, [...]


On the Night of the Mothers.

    From Mothers Night. A prayer. A blessing. In gratitude. To and from the spirits; My Mothers To the first Mother. Who foraged the Sloe. Who showed me the way to go. To the Old Track Who guided the hand To the blackthorn You behind me You before me You who walk besides me [...]

Prayer to Helios: A Charm to Restrain Anger and for Victory and for Securing Favour

******* (None is Greater): Say to the Sun (Helios) 7 times, and anoint your Hand with Oil and wipe it on your Head and Face. Now the Prayer is: "Rejoice with me, You who are set over the East Wind and the World, for whom all the Gods serve as Body-Guards at Your Good Hour [...]