The Welsh Occult Conference 2018: a review.

The weekend of the much anticipated Welsh Occult Conference began with an A-typical Mercurial trick or two, as the joker God tried his hardest to keep us from attending - but the Companee of the Green Man and Mother Nature are made of stern stuff, and we endured. All be it our plans for the … Continue reading The Welsh Occult Conference 2018: a review.

Last night I dreamt of Toads singing in the Moonlight…

Do you dream?

And when you do, do you dream of toads?

Do you hear their shrill call, as you hide your head under the sheets?

Do you imagine you can hear tribal women from long ago, raise their heads, open their mouths to let that sound out; that sound… yes, that sound… heads back, mouths wide open… *THAT* sound…

The one you hear when ancestors call you…

do you dream of toads?

The Wælcyrie of Carr Naze

Last night I dreamt of toads.. 3 to be exact… all different colours… A medium sized black one, a large Orange one and a smaller brown one.  They sat on my bedroom windowsill and sang to me bathed in full moonlight… It was quite beautiful.

I could [ and maybe will] write about the magical use of toads, and the folklore that surrounds them … but now, because I still need more coffee…a poem.

taod 1

Toad dreams

That afternoon the dream of the toads rang through the elms by Little River and affected the thoughts of men, though they were not conscious that they heard it.–Henry Thoreau
toad alchemical
The dream of toads: we rarely
credit what we consider lesser
life with emotions big as ours,
but we are easily distracted,
abstracted. People sit nibbling
before television’s flicker watching
ghosts chase balls and each other
while the skunk is…

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