The Old Flame.

The street was still damp from the recent rain, the trees on the other side of the high stone wall along the footpath, kept dripping droplets on her head, causing her to pull up her coat collar, to save the cold dribbles going down her neck. It was still too windy for an umbrella, so … Continue reading The Old Flame.

Of the cave.

The mists cleared, and the damp warmth they'd surrounded her with, went also, leaving a clear star lit sky, and the promise of frost perhaps, later in the night. She walked on, searching... her long dress, caressing her bare feet as she walked on the dusty ground, aware now, that the sound of running water … Continue reading Of the cave.

Re-Blogged: Whoring the Goddess – Ayahuasca takes her revenge.

A long, but important read – well researched, with links, this is a re-blog, the original post is below – these are my thoughts on it.

What occurs to me after reading this is simple: not everyone seems to be what they claim to be, especially when money is concerned. The first lesson of Malkuth (this earthly plane) is to discern. Yet the New Age bleeds it’s ‘ethic’s’ even into our sphere of community – it brings with it an unhealthy trust of everyone, and this cannot be tolerated. It’s dangerous, as this article shows, to trust blindly those who say we can…

Another aspect of this is the Spirits themselves – as the author points out, in these instances the reality is people are dying; why? Because these things are dangerous – the plant concerned here, is like our own native hallucinogens are poisonous, deadly poisonous, that is why they act on the body as they do, and if they are administered wrongly or used by a susceptible person, they can, and will cause death.

History is littered with such tragedies.



Beware ye pilgrims who be messing with the sacred medicina!

 It is well past time to call this out: real people ARE dying in ayahuasca ceremonies – and not all those deaths are accidental.  The Vine of the Dead always came with a curse, so beware the cup you drink from!

This time it came by email:

Another one is dead. Hundreds are in trouble and they do not understand. Thousands have been lured into black magic!

There is war in the spiritual worlds, we are losing the trust of the Great Goddess.

Help us! We have no voice!

… this, from one of the leading healers using the powerful, psychotropic San Pedro cactus in all Ecuador. And the third such message to find me in three decades.

For the second time in all the years I have been working with traditional healers in the plant medicine world, I am stepping into this story…

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