Liber Mazloth.

"For the first time, not only are the 360 angels of the zodiack described, but also their seals and meditation imagery is also given." Liber Mazloth.   Once in a while, I am gifted gems. This book is one of them. From the moment I opened the cover, I knew what lay within was a … Continue reading Liber Mazloth.


All Saints Church, Llangar.

Soft, the footfall down the old track, steep, deep, hidden from modernity. Here hazel is tall, reaching skyward to touch the sunlight; the blackthorn and berry grow side by side. Ash shivers in the breeze, while tresses of honeysuckle entwine her. Time. Stands still. Water, softly chatters over stones. Flowing towards the river, unseen, further down the … Continue reading All Saints Church, Llangar.

The man who wasn’t there.

In awe, with out looking I saw him there, before me, Sun blazing at it's Zenith as a halo around his hooded form, hands held out beside him... dripping... (Thus he came to me, silent, waiting.) With out looking I saw the blood dripping, dark, rich red, dripping from the wounds in those hands, dripping … Continue reading The man who wasn’t there.