A letter of thanks.

The incense billows, perfuming the room as the incantations rise to fever pitch! The candle flickers, then grows tall as if the spoken word commands it to lengthen stretching up, reaching out so it can be seen on the otherside of the walking world. The sounds then begin, not in the room, but deep within … Continue reading A letter of thanks.

The Welsh Occult Conference 2018: a review.

The weekend of the much anticipated Welsh Occult Conference began with an A-typical Mercurial trick or two, as the joker God tried his hardest to keep us from attending - but the Companee of the Green Man and Mother Nature are made of stern stuff, and we endured. All be it our plans for the … Continue reading The Welsh Occult Conference 2018: a review.

The Old Flame.

The street was still damp from the recent rain, the trees on the other side of the high stone wall along the footpath, kept dripping droplets on her head, causing her to pull up her coat collar, to save the cold dribbles going down her neck. It was still too windy for an umbrella, so … Continue reading The Old Flame.