Working with the Ancestors.


Working with the Ancestors.

There are two distinct area’s of working with the ancestors; one being our own blood ancestors, the other with the generic ancestors of our people; our nationality, our Lands.

Both will yield a great deal of help within the realms of our lives, no matter what our ‘calling’ maybe.

What follows is an ongoing project on how to work with your own blood relations, who have passed into the Other World, as well as working with the Ancestors of the Land we live on.

It is not meant to be a definitive way of working, but one gleaned from my own praxis over a period of several decades, which is ongoing, fluid and every changing.

The aim is to provide you, Dear Reader, should you wish it, with a foundation on which to build your own work with your ancestors.

This page will be updated with each subsequent post on the theme.

The first post is now up, making the basis of the praxis firmly rooted in the mundane – see it here

There is no time scale set for this project of ours, as it is Ancestor lead! 🙂

As always, comments and questions are welcome.

One thought on “Working with the Ancestors.

  1. I have trouble with ancestors, coming from a long line of bastards. It is one of things I find a problem in druidry. My grandmother probably came from the marches. I am always torn when England play wales at rugby. We always had holidays in Wales as children

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